Wears Jean Jackets & Drinks Tequila

a wedding photographer for romantics and dance party enthusiasts


relaxed and romantic

My personal wedding philosophy — your wedding day is a celebration, not a staged photo shoot! I want you to have time to sit and enjoy the meal you’ve been waiting all day for, have time to chill (or party!) with your best friends, and soak up the day instead of running around from photo location to photo location. I’m dedicated to creating authentic, relaxed and memorable wedding experiences for my couples!

So what exactly are you getting into if I’m the best fit for your wedding day? I balance fun and intentional posing prompts to get those amazing candid shots. I value authenticity and do my best to capture everyone as their true selves. 


learning is cool

I’m invested in what I do and each year I strive to learn more and continue to improve my craft!

I’m thankful to have attended We Three Workshops, the Heart & Dime Mentorship Retreat and a one day workshop with Jonas Peterson. I’ve had the opportunity to learn with the best of the best.

Sharing planning documents and wedding photography tips (aka, everything that I’ve learned!) is an important part of my work with clients. You can look forward to my best advice in your inbox!


leave no trace

Simply put, Leave No Trace is a set of ethics & best practices I use as a wedding photographer to enjoy and protect the outdoors. Leave No Trace has a set of 7 minimum-impact principles, that help guide our decisions when we’re outside.

Plan Ahead and Prepare, Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces, Dispose of Waste Properly, Leave What You Find, Minimize Campfire Impacts, Respect Wildlife, Be Considerate of other Visitors


#1 I have a pet duck, named Duck :)

#2 I'm allergic to maple syrup

#3 I'm starting starting a flower farm with my mom

#4 My second dream job would be stunt car driver

#5 I'm a certified skid steer operator

White standard donkey foal

I'm a Donkey Mom

This year we brought home little Cece and we absolutely adore her in our life. She's a guardian donkey in training!

Janelle Dudzic Photography

Little Miss Maddy

She's one of my best friends and the best good girl anyone could ask for.


I Love Jasper

If I had to pick between Banff and Jasper, I'd pick Jasper every time. It's one of my favourite places to visit, winter or summer!


I Raise Katahdin Sheep

Katahdin are "hair" sheep, which means they shed out their winter coat and don't need to be sheared! We lamb in May!