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Photographer, Educator, Urban Beekeeper


relaxed and romantic

I’m all about three things: celebration, connection and client education. My style is relaxed and romantic. I love intimate weddings, the kind where I get to know your family and friends. I thrive when meeting new people.

I make an effort to get to know your closest friends and family on your wedding day. Why? First, they’re probably cool people, and second, when they know me as “Janelle” the gal who plays Dungeons and Dragons and has a pet Duck, they’re going to let me into their world.


learning is cool

I’m invested in what I do. Each year I strive to learn more. I am thankful to have attended We Three Workshops and Alpine North West. I had the opportunity to learn with the best of the best.

I’m also a student affairs nerd, currently pursuing a Certificate in Adult Learning Specializing in Career and Academic Advising with the University of Calgary.

I incorporate my value of education into my work with clients. Creating expectations about the experience, sharing tip sheets and providing planning tools is a part of my process.


the beekeeper gal

I grew up just outside Edmonton AB, Canada, on what you’d call a hobby farm. For a short while I lived downtown but I’ve returned to the rural lifestyle. I recently took up urban beekeeping.

I’m obsessed with the east coast of Canada, in particular Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Island. I would move to both areas in a heartbeat.

Some weeknights you’ll find me down at the dock at the Edmonton Rowing Club. Other weeknights I’ll be at home with our pet duck. Her name is Duck.

A not so secret secret: I’m a Dungeons and Dragons nerd.


because everyone has one

Back in high school I was a storyteller. I was the “yearbook girl” or “camera girl” (for real, some teachers and staff knew me by this name even though I never interacted with them). Taking yearbook as a class (in our school it wasn’t a class, it was a course for credits woot!) definitely impacted my life in a huge way. It was my intent to fill the pages not only with photos, but with photos that told a story, set a mood and reflected that time period (looking back now to be honest I’m not sure I achieved this at all but y’all I tried). After leaving high school I still felt that same drive for creating stories and pouring my heart and soul into a creative project.

Janelle Dudzic Edmonton Wedding Photographer


#1 I'm a certified urban beekeeper

#2 I'm allergic to maple syrup

#3 I've performed with Oscar Valdés of Irakere

#4 My second dream job would be stunt car driver

#5 I'm a certified skid steer operator


Same place at the same time? Let me know, we should connect :)

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Nazaré Portugal, Newfoundland & Labrador Canada, Tasmania Australia, Grand Canyon USA, Patagonia Argentina, Antartica

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Ponoka Wedding


The Gear List

I shoot with not one, not two, but three professional Nikon D750s. I use four lenses on your wedding day, the Nikkor 35 mm, Nikkor 50 mm, Nikkor 85 mm, Nikkor 105 mm, and sometimes the Nikkor 70 - 200 mm.

My favourite lens is the 1.4 35 mm, it's the lens which most closely matches the human eye.


thank your rocks so they don't roll away

My family and friends are my biggest cheerleaders and enablers. So yeah, they’re all a part of my team. Thank you all for loving me even though you don’t see me for entire summers. You rock and your love sustains me. Seriously.


Romantic Summer Wedding

Amy & Riley

Words can't begin how highly I would recommend Janelle as a wedding photographer. She took all the pressure off of us as a couple and we were able to enjoy our wedding day without thinking for one moment about how photos would turn out. We gave her very limited direction but she was still able to deliver exactly what we wanted, and these are photos we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Alison & Oliver

My darling photographer, Janelle. As a couple, we didn't have very many bright ideas for pictures, but Janelle more than made up for it. Everyone raves about our wedding pictures. She has such a good eye and my photos are definitely one of my most treasured possessions now.

Rainy Wedding Day Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photography

Harley & Jack

Janelle is such an amazing photographer, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. She photographed our small and casual wedding and we could not have hoped for a better photographer. Her attitude is both down to earth and professional, and she was able to capture so many beautiful candid moments, while making any posed photos fun. She has an excellent eye, and we are absolutely in love with her style and how the finished photos came out. The turn around for the photos was also fast! She even sent us a few on the day of the wedding, which was such a lovely gift after a whirlwind of a day. We cannot recommend her enough!

Garden Flower Edmonton Wedding

Ellyn & Conor

We've had the opportunity to be photographed by Janelle on numerous occasions. It has been such a pleasure watching her hone her skills and build her photography portfolio over the years. Janelle is great at capturing both the exciting and quiet moments of special occasions. She is patient when working with people who are not often photographed and we appreciate that she doesn't try to pose anyone in ways they are not comfortable. This makes for images that are authentic and genuinely candid. We often recommend Janelle to all our family and friends!

First Look Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer

Veronica & Arlan

Working with Janelle was one of the highlights of our wedding. She honestly went above and beyond in every way, and she was extremely professional, from our initial meeting to after the wedding day. She was fun, inclusive, and made us feel as comfortable as if we were spending time with a friend trying to capture the best moments for our specific story - something really important for such a personal day. It didn't feel like she was focused on trying to get generic wedding photographer portfolio shots. She took great care of us on our wedding day, and she works very hard and efficiently - we even had our photos earlier than expected!