what I bring to the table

I’m invested in what I do. Each year I strive to learn more. I am thankful to have attended We Three Workshops and Alpine North West. Most recently I met with Jonas Peterson for a small one day workshop here in Edmonton. I’ve had the opportunity to learn with the best of the best. I’m also a student affairs nerd, currently pursuing a Certificate in Adult Learning Specializing in Career and Academic Advising with the University of Calgary. I have five plus years of experience at the University of Alberta creating online and in-person training courses for a diverse group of adult learners. I incorporate my value of education into my work with clients. Creating expectations about the experience, sharing tip sheets and providing planning tools is a part of my process.

For Photographers


Do you have an online gallery system for your clients? Great! We're almost there already.

I review your online galleries a week before you plan to send them out to your clients and provide detailed and quality feedback from my checklist and quality control guide.

This process is meant for you to grow! Here are some key outcomes to look forward to:

- Creating your very own "Yes" or "No" checklist for quality control.
- Delivering galleries that serve your clients, not your ego as an artist.
- Evaluating your use of composition, presets, technique and strengths.

Gallery Reviews Starting at $15.00 CAD


Different options for different budgets. This process is meant to challenge yourself as a photographer. You need to be willing to do the work. Coaching sessions vary in length and offerings. Janelle offers both in-person and virtual options to meet your schedule.

Coaching topics:

- Directing your clients
- Posing for newlyweds
- Your website portfolio
- Basic Lightroom editing
- Social media for business

Coaching Sessions Starting at $150.00 CAD