Feeling a tad nervous for your wedding ceremony? You’re not the only one! A wedding ceremony can have more moving pieces than the rest of your wedding day and that can be a little daunting.

Not all wedding ceremonies are the same — ceremony traditions vary across cultures and there is no set size for the number of attendees! Depending on the number of folks involved in your wedding ceremony, and their degree of familiarity with the type of ceremony, it’s not a bad idea to have a run through to help calm any nerves. This allows everyone involved in the wedding to know where they will be and when.

Wedding Ceremony in Fort Saskatchewan Alberta

A Wedding Rehearsal Helps Calm Pre Wedding Jitters

Nervous energy comes from the unknown. When couples do a walk-through of their wedding ceremony and know exactly what to expect, they can keep those pre wedding jitters at bay!

A wedding rehearsal is also the perfect place to ask questions and put your mind at ease. Your officiant is there to answer your questions and ensure you feel calm and confident walking into your ceremony. If you’re nervous about walking in your new shoes, nailing the first kiss or where to keep your vows, those are all things you can practice or fix during your rehearsal.

You might not be the only person with some pre wedding jitters! If you have a wedding party or witnesses, this may be their first time being involved in a wedding. A rehearsal for your wedding party will help boost their confidence on the wedding day.

Banff National Park Wedding Ceremony at Two Jack Lake

A Wedding Rehearsal Helps Problem Solve Any Tech Issues

The most common tech issue I see at wedding ceremonies is with music. If possible, invite the person who will be responsible for your music to your ceremony rehearsal. This gives you a chance to work on timing for your music, volume and solve any tech issues related to cords, wifi or power.

For seamless music for your wedding ceremony I highly recommend hiring either a live musician or a professional DJ. These professionals can adapt to last minute changes and adjust the timing of your ceremony music on the fly.

My favourite musicians for live ceremony music in the Edmonton area are: Jeff Ramsey Music, Play it Again Pam, and Steven Sware Music.

A Wedding Rehearsal Keeps Everyone on the Same Page

You probably have a vision for your wedding ceremony, and having a rehearsal helps keep everyone on the same page for achieving your vision! Most of the time, unsolicited opinions regarding your wedding ceremony come from a place of love.

Members of your wedding party may already be married, and pipe in about how you should stand at your ceremony based on how they stood at their own ceremony BUT that might not meet your vision. To avoid any confusion or upset feelings on your wedding day, your wedding rehearsal helps set expectations and keeps everyone on the same page when it comes to your wedding ceremony.

A Wedding Rehearsal Helps Everyone Meet

If family members, or members of your wedding party are traveling from out of town, there is a chance that not everyone who is involved in your wedding ceremony has had the opportunity to meet! Gathering your friends and family for a rehearsal can help break the ice for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to meet yet. It’s also an opportunity for everyone to meet the person presiding over your ceremony and any other vendors involved!

Edmonton Alberta wedding ceremony with 300 guests

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