What’s a Mini Session?

March 8, 2022

If there is one thing I’ve learned from the last two years everyone (both clients and photographers) uses the term “mini session” BUT not everyone knows what a “mini session” actually is.

A mini session is so much more than just a small version of a full session, they have a specific formula and when you stick to it, this formula is SO beneficial to you as a photographer! Mini sessions allow you as the photographer to control almost every aspect of the session and that usually means more dollars in your pocket.

Time Blocks for Mini Sessions

If you’re advertising “minis” as stand alone sessions, you need to keep reading!

Minis should never ever be stand-alone sessions. By stacking your sessions in a specific time block you maximize your time as a photographer (less time driving from place to place, set up once instead of six times, etc.) and can earn more for one day of shooting. If you need time for a break, remember to build time for a break into your mini session schedule. When you advertise mini sessions as a stand-alone session, you’re essentially earning less from what could have just been a full portrait session.

Number of Images Delivered

Keep a mini session truly mini by only delivering 3-5 images and sticking to that number! If you include too many images in your mini session gallery, you’re devaluing your full portrait sessions. As an experienced photographer with a killer workflow you can easily take 20 amazing images in a 15 minute mini session. I recommend watermarking these additional images, uploading them to the client gallery. This gives you the opportunity to up-sell should your clients want to purchase the additional images!

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