Before this oh so cute picnic engagement session was ever a thought, Rachel hit the ground running with wedding plans. Within a few days after their engagement, Spencer and Rachel had already found and hired most of their wedding vendors. Their April engagement turned into an August wedding and they wouldn’t have it any other way!

I interviewed the bride to be to learn more about their love story and what it’s like to have a short engagement!

How did you meet? AKA what’s your love story? 

We met when I cut Spencer’s hair because his sister (my boss) was on maternity leave with her first son. She booked him in with me and the rest is history!

How did Spencer propose? 

Spencer proposed on a Covid date night in! I picked up takeout from Bodega on my way home from work, and I walked in to rose petals, candles, and Spencer in a suit.

What do you love about deciding to have a short engagement? 

Something I love about having a short engagement is that none of it has gotten old yet. We’re still riding high on our engagement wave, and it’s going to take us right into the newlywed stage! 

What’s been the biggest help/kept you the most organized with your short engagement? 

The best thing about wedding planning with a short engagement is you don’t have time to overdo it. I’ve had to just make “yes and no” decisions because I don’t have time to say “but what about…?” and make things more complicated. And lots and lots of checklists! 

Keep scrolling for a taste of Rachel & Spencer’s picnic engagement session in their favourite park.

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