With the right tools and know-how, anyone can make the most out of a two hour batched content branding session.

What do I mean when I use the term “batched content”? It means we’re shooting your branding photos on a single day with multiple looks. It’s one of the best ways to create a ton of new content in a small window of time. I recommend that anyone booking branding photos ask their photographer about batching content.

With examples from Kaespo Media‘s session at The Hat at Five Corners, here are my top four tips for acing your branding session and matching your aesthetic.


Knowing What You Want

Know where you plan to use your new content (is it for your website? social media? all of the above?) and share this plan with your photographer. They may plan out specific shots for specific uses. If we know that you need to replace your main image on your welcome page, we may stage and compose that shot differently than we would if you only need content for Instagram stories.

Your photographer is absolutely going to help direct your shoot, but we can’t deliver what you’re looking for if we don’t know what you want. It takes a team to get the perfect creative shots. Once you have a plan for where you plan to use your images, I highly recommend going to Pinterest to find inspiration for poses and locations you like. While your photographer can’t re-create an image perfectly for you (please don’t ask us to do this!) we can look at your Pinterest board for inspiration and consider what styles you like.


Organizing Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe is a HUGE part of your branding shoot, so getting organized ahead of time will do wonders for reducing your stress level and making sure you feel fabulous. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Bring more than one outfit! If we’re batching content, it means we’re shooting multiple looks on the same day. Ask your photographer how many outfits you should bring based on the length of your session.
  • Try on your wardrobe at least a week before your shoot. All of it! Make sure you can sit comfortably in each outfit.
  • Don’t forget multiple pairs of shoes! It’s awesome if you have a workhorse pair of footwear that matches every outfit you own, but if you don’t have a pair that specifically matches well with everything, we recommend bringing more than one pair.
  • Layers! A sneaky way to have more outfit options without bringing your entire closet is to layer up your outfits. It’s a quick and easy way to change your look.


Maximize Locations

Switching up your locations/backgrounds is an easy way to make it look like your content was captured over a long period of time, instead of all in one day! This is the beauty of batching content.

For Kaespo Media’s shoot we used multiple showhome apartments, all located in the same apartment complex and on the same floor! We booked a private time slot and had each space to ourselves. In total, we utilized seven different uniquely designed spaces for the session.

If you want to maximize location/setting potential, looking for the following characteristics:

  • How much time will be eaten up by travel on the day of the shoot?
  • Are the locations easy to get to or easy to access?
  • If there is a booking fee for a location, can I get enough content from that location to justify the booking fee?
  • Are there a variety of backgrounds/backdrops at this location? Will we be able to shoot more than one look here?

Another important factor when selecting a location for your shoot is to check if it matches your brand. Kaespo Media has a very specific brand and aesthetic. Shooting this session in a field full of wild flowers, although beautiful, would not align with the brand Kaitlyn has worked so hard to cultivate.


Treat Yourself to Professional Styling

Hiring a hair or makeup artist can do wonders for your branding session. Even for those who frequently do their own hair and makeup, a professional artist knows how to style you for the camera. It’s also the best reason in the world to pamper yourself for a day. If you’re strategic, plan your session for the same day as a night out so that you get more milage out of your glam makeup and hair.

If you’re not used to a bold look, ask your stylist to stay more neutral or natural for the day of your branding session. A photo shoot is not the time to experiment with radical new looks. You’ll feel much better, and much more yourself if you stick true to your usual style.

Kaitlyn’s beauty look is by Edmonton and area beauty expert, Sheena Rae Beauty. As someone used to bold and moody makeup looks, Sheena was able to enhance Kaitlyn’s usual everyday style.

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