Today I’m debunking a few of my least favourite wedding photography myths. I’ve had my foot in this industry for a while, it’s time to dish on the myths that most frequently cause client confusion and devalue our role as hardworking storytellers.

Educating clients is an important part of my role as a wedding photographer. Informed clients are happy clients.

Myth #1: the quality of our work depends on our cameras

Our work is backed by years of experience in composition, direction, storytelling and most of all a true knack and love for what we do. Cameras are the tool we use to create, much like a painter uses a paint bursh. You wouldn’t praise the paint brush over the painter would you?

That said, your wedding photographer should invest in a few key pieces of equipment in order to keep up with the pace of a wedding day. If you’re vetting a photographer, ask them what equipment they use to work in low lighting situations, if they bring backup gear (they always should!) and always always ask to see examples of their work (not just what’s on Instagram).

Myth #2 we only work on your wedding day

If you’ve booked us for a full day, you’ll probably spend 8 – 12 hours with your photographer on your wedding day. That’s not where the work starts or where to work ends. Wedding photographers spend a shocking amount of time working hard behind their computers.

A few things that keep us busy leading up to your wedding day:

  • Marketing work! So you can find us!
  • Client consultations, answering emails, setting you up in our CRM
  • Creating the best resources to help you plan and prepare
  • Location scouting, to find all the best spots
  • Equipment repairs, rentals and purchases
  • Reviewing your wedding timeline
  • Attending your rehearsal
  • Backing up your photos to multiple hard drives
  • Culling your images (we only deliver the best!)
  • Editing your images
  • Uploading your images to your gallery
  • Image delivery (my favourite day!)
  • Print orders for yourself or family members
  • Blogging your wedding/submitting to magazines or third party blogs
  • And of course keeping up with the fun stuff like invoicing and accounting

This list isn’t exhausted. We also research wedding trends, education and keep up to date with industry standards.

Myth #3: we’re magical editing gods

I’m a photographer first, editor second. I can edit out an awkward tree branch, forgotten beer can and remove pesky zits, but I prefer to capture your day as it happens without substantial changes in photoshop.

I give all wedding clients fair warning that I can’t magically make brutal full body sunburns disappear on your wedding day. There is a limit to what we can do while still keeping your photos natural.

Myth #4: it’s an easy job

The role of a wedding photographer can be physically and mentally taxing. We work long hours, are constantly on our feet, carry surprisingly heavy equipment and we’re in constant problem solving mode.

We’re the kings/queens of balancing your needs as our clients, the needs of your guests, and battling different environmental circumstances to capture your love story. It’s a lot all at once.

At any given time, I’m carrying around 25 – 40 pounds of gear on my back. After a wedding day I go and see my chiropractor. Her and I have a goal to keep me working in the wedding industry until I’m in my sixties! This means taking care of my body and mind so I can do my best work.

Myth #5: we all have the same style/we like to replicate each other’s work

Not all photographers are the same. We all have our own unique shooting style and editing styles. There are photographers out there who are AMAZING at creating perfectly posed artistic images while others focus on the soft candid romantic moments.

When looking for your wedding photographer, make sure that their work matches what you’d like to see from your wedding photos thirty years from now. Sure, your Aunt Sue might have a great photographer to recommend, but if they’re a master of studio portraits and that’s not your jam, don’t feel bad about looking elsewhere.

Pinterest is a great place to start for looking over different styles of wedding photography. It’s a great way to source inspiration. With that said, many wedding photographers (myself included!) won’t replicate what we see on Pinterest.


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Hi, my name is Janelle, I’m a photographer from Edmonton Alberta. I’m all about three things: celebration, connection and client education. My style is relaxed and romantic. I love intimate weddings, the kind where I get to know your family and friends. I thrive when meeting new people. My favourite moment of every wedding is right after the ceremony. This is when your friends and family smother or possibly crush you with either love or cheerful embrace.

Bring on the epic dance parties.

  I value connection and celebration of moments over a big production.