With the sun setting Tori & Justin made the most of both Golden Hour and Blue Hour for their Edmonton engagement session. They frolicked in sunflowers, popped champagne and embraced the still moments. It was magic.

Mid September is one of our most popular seasons for engagement photos Edmonton. We’re a city that’s in love with everything fall.  Walks through the river valley filled with yellow and orange leaves, adding layers back into our wardrobes and the excuse to start drinking anything and everything with pumpkin in it. One trade-off of a fall engagement session, the sun goes down much faster than in the summer months.

Here are the best ways to make the most of sunlight for your fall engagement session:

  • Plan ahead with your photographer. They probably have a preference for their favourite light to shoot in. It’s a bit different for every photographer. They’ll use an app to calculate the best time of day for lighting in your region.
  • Arrive on time or a bit early for your session. Plan ahead so you’re not late due to traffic, changes in wardrobe or weather. Once they sunlight is gone we can’t do anything to bring it back.
  • Bring layers, once it hits blue hour, the temperature will drop quickly. Blue hour can make for romantic and moody portraits and you’ll want to bundle up for that.

Edmonton Engagement Session in a sunflower fieldEdmonton Engagement Session in a Sunflower FieldFall Engagement Session

Edmonton Fall Engagement Session

Edmonton Fall Engagement Session

Edmonton Fall Engagement Session

Edmonton Fall Engagement Session



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  I value connection and celebration of moments over a big production.