A Bridal Shoot might be right for you if:

  1. You’re excited to wear your wedding gown more than once! Anything that stunning deserves more than one outing. If you’re worried about any stains from your wedding night, most wedding gowns dry clean easily.
  2. You were torn between two bridal hairstyles or “looks.” Now you can have portraits of both. If you had your hair down on your wedding day, this is a great opportunity for a romantic or classic updo.
  3. You were rushed for portraits on your wedding day or didn’t have time for any number of reasons (stuff happens on a wedding day, we get it!).
  4. You have introverted energy and want some private time to be in front of the camera, without the hustle and bustle of a wedding day. It’s time to be yourself without your wedding day entourage.
  5. You see true value in timeless portraits that capture this stage in your life. I cherish my Grandmother’s classic bridal portraits. They’re proudly on display. I take inspiration from these classic images when I shoot today’s bridal portraits.

So, what’s a Bridal Shoot?

It’s an experience. Time for you to relax, have a little fun and leave with stunning portraits. The focus is on you, your natural beauty and creating a timeless heirloom for you and your family.

Usually scheduled post-wedding day, your bridal shoot package should offer hair and makeup, a photographer and a stunning location. If you’d like to add florals you can talk to your wedding florist about a post wedding bouquet, flower crown or hairpiece. It’s private time in a booked space or venue with supportive direction from your photographer.

Our favourite Edmonton locations for bridal sessions are The Ellis, The Creative Hive, and The Foundry Room. We search for locations with gorgeous natural light and minimalist backdrops. Do you need to be one of our wedding clients to book your bridal session? Absolutely not! We’re here for everyone. If you’re interested in booking your own bridal shoot with Janelle, head on over to my info page for all the details.

Real bride Justine shares here experience:

“You and Sheena are so amazing! I was so nervous going into the day, but you made me feel completely at ease throughout the session. You were very personable and made the experience so fun! You gave great direction and assisted with all the posing, I didn’t feel awkward at all! Yay! I love that you took the time get to know me and my story. I felt like you really cared about me and wanted to pose me in ways that would express who I was/am as an individual. You really care about your work, and it shows! The session was so so fun, and way more relaxed than I had thought it would be! ” – Justine Brown, 2020 Bride

Bridal Shoot Vendors Featured Below

Hair & Makeup: Sheena Rae Beauty

Venue: The Ellis

Photographer: Janelle Dudzic Photography

Post Wedding Bridal Portrait Session

Post Wedding Bridal Portrait Session

Post Wedding Bridal Portrait Session


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Hi, my name is Janelle, I’m a photographer from Edmonton Alberta. I’m all about three things: celebration, connection and client education. My style is relaxed and romantic. I love intimate weddings, the kind where I get to know your family and friends. I thrive when meeting new people. My favourite moment of every wedding is right after the ceremony. This is when your friends and family smother or possibly crush you with either love or cheerful embrace. Bring on the epic dance parties.

  I value connection and celebration of moments over a big production.