My favourite part about any Jasper photography session? Another gorgeous location is always just around the corner. I call it the “Jasper Advantage.”

Seriously, most of my favourite locations are located within an easy 15- 20 minute drive from town or each other. We don’t spend oodles of time driving between locations (just enough time to jump in a car and warm up for a bit it needed!).

There are three key steps to planning your Jasper photography session. First, consider if you’re a warm weather person or if you thrive in below zero temperatures. Seasons are a huge part of your mountain experience. Jasper is a gorgeous winter wonderland if you’re not put off by chilling temperatures, closed/inaccessible locations and possible road delays. I make winters in Jasper sound worse than they actually are. I promise!

Lighting is everything in photography and in the Rocky Mountains the sun sets quickly as soon as it sets below the peaks.  Work with your photographer to pick an optimal time of day for lighting and their style of photography. You’ll want to ensure that you’re on time for your session so that you don’t miss great lighting before it’s gone.

Lastly, consider planning your session on a weekday to avoid busy holiday traffic and tourists “photo-bombing” your session. If a weekday session doesn’t work for your schedule, ask your photographer about location options that are less popular but still stunning.

Featured in this session: newly weds Baylee and Bryan near the Jasper airfield. Baylee is also a wedding photographer with a portfolio spanning across the Canadian Rockies. They’re pup parents to Abbey and just finished an epic honeymoon touring Tofino and Kelowna.

Jasper autumn couples photography session

Jasper Photography Session

Jasper autumn couples photography session

Jasper autumn couples photography session





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  I value connection and celebration of moments over a big production.