Nothing makes me happier as a wedding photographer than making sure we’re on the same page when it comes to your wedding photos. They’re kind of a big deal!

At the start of each initial client inquiry I send out a quick questionnaire to capture your wedding date details and three essential questions. If you’re starting your search for a wedding photographer you can probably expect to answer a few client intake questionnaires because we are truly HUGE fans of gathering as much detail as possible for any potential wedding clients. After about 50 + weddings, I’ve tailored these three questions to help me understand the essence of your wedding day dreams.


What do you picture when you imagine your wedding day?

Photographers are visual people, so we love to know what your vision is for your wedding day. Give us all the details! Maybe we know another vendor who can help execute your vision and make it your reality.

I love this question because it really gives me a peek into your personality and style!

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?

Tearing up the dance floor with your BFF’s? Running down the aisle hand in hand with your life partner? Time alone together in your getaway car before dinner?

Knowing what you’re looking forward to most helps me make timeline recommendations so that you can soak up as much of the good stuff as possible. It also helps me plan shots in my brain ahead of time, knowing what to be on the lookout for.

It’s also a great question to ask yourself during all the stress that can come with planning a big or small event. When you and your partner ask each other what you’re looking forward to most, this can help you focus in on what really matters.

What do you want from your wedding photos?

I never used to ask this question and I honestly don’t know why I waited so long to add it to my list!

I used to ask, “how important is photography to you?” Looking back I realize that doesn’t really get at the root of how photography will fit into your wedding day plans. If you want chic, stylish and Vogue, I need to know that before I shoot your wedding with casual, candid and whimsical in mind.

Sometimes, after clients answer this question, I realize that I’m not the right style of photographer for their vibe. And that’s okay! That’s why we ask these questions to make sure that I’ll be able to deliver what you’re looking for. If this happens, I usually have a few recommendations up my sleeve for other photographers that better fit your vision.

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Hi, my name is Janelle, I’m a photographer from Edmonton Alberta. I’m all about three things: celebration, connection and client education. My style is relaxed and romantic. I love intimate weddings, the kind where I get to know your family and friends. I thrive when meeting new people. My favourite moment of every wedding is right after the ceremony. This is when your friends and family smother or possibly crush you with either love or cheerful embrace. Bring on the epic dance parties.

  I value connection and celebration of moments over a big production.