You’re reading the interview series. What exactly am I doing here? I’ve come up with a way to share the work and experience of local vendors in an easy peasy format. I know wedding vendors are busy folks with a lot of information to share. Here is the first interview with insight from an Edmonton cake designer.

Today’s interview is with Amen Abraham of With Love.

The photographs featured in this blogpost are by Allie Knulls, Emma Nicole Photography and Brodie Joan.

Allie Knulls Photography
Photography by Allie Knulls Photography

Meet Your Cake Designer

Amen Abraham of With Love, an Edmonton Alberta Cake Designer


Where can readers find you?

Instagram: @withlove_yeg



Number of years in business?



It sounds like working with buttercream is your specialty. Tell us about your journey as you started working with buttercream?

I’ve always loved baking! I am amazed at the science behind taking simple ingredients and creating something amazing! Buttercream just came naturally! Nothing as satisfying as smooth, silky Swiss meringue buttercream!


What are your top three predicted wedding cake trends for 2021?

  1. More intimate weddings
  2. Less Is more/modern wedding themes
  3. More colours
Photograph by Allie Knulls Photography
Photograph by Allie Knulls Photography

What is the official “job title” for someone who bakes and decorates wedding cakes?

Hmm..this is a hard one because I do so much more than just decorating cakes! If I’m to pick a title, I’ll say Cake designer.


How many wedding cakes have you created?

I have never counted! But maybe over 100.

Do you have a team or do you work independently?

This is a one woman show! Hopefully will love to add an admin staff soon!


How many hours does it take to create the average wedding cake/cupcakes/other baked goods?

From buying ingredients to baking and decorating, I say about 10-16 hours depending on complexity of the final product.


What are your favourite online resources when starting the planning process?

Pinterest!! My go to for everything creativity and planning! I am a visual person, so to start my planning I always go first to Pinterest to visually see some of my ideas.

Amen Abraham
Photograph by Amen Abraham

What is one thing you want every couple to know when hiring someone to create their wedding cake?

I say first compatibility! Peoples say it’s just cake, but this is probably one of the most important cake you will cut and remember for life! It will be in pictures you show your children and grandchildren if that’s a path you will take! So make sure as a couple, you are comfortable and truly compatible with your cake designer! That person should fully understand what your overall vision is for your wedding in order for it to shine through your final wedding cake!


Are there any cake artists/bakers that you draw inspiration from?

Oh too many to say!!

Emma Nicole Photography
Photograph by Emma Nicole Photography

What was the most unique/favourite cake you’ve ever created?

I wouldn’t say this flavor is unique but it’s my favourite for sure! Simple and rich!! It is a vanilla bean cake with dark chocolate ganache and vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream! I’m not as adventurous when it come to cake flavors, so I personally like the classic ones!


What inspires you everyday?

Honestly my family! I’m so blessed to have a very supportive husband and 2 little girls that always remind me I’m doing a great job when I’m exhausted! Now, I’m even more inspired to continue to do what I love with another little girl on the way due October 2020. I’m a truly blessed woman!

Last thoughts to share:

Remember, a party without cake is just a meeting! So never forget the Cake!!


Brodie Joan Photography
Photography by Brodie Joan




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