I had grand plans. GRAND I’m telling you. These plans involved a massive field of tulips, perfect for Mother’s Day themed photos. Gorgeous shades of pink, red, peach and purple, with soft white sprinkled in. I found the perfect supplier, loaded up my online cart and BAM I was gonna create something magical.

Well, I ordered 200 bulbs from Dawn Cosgrove (if you love everything flowers, you need to go to her website right now!) and thought I was all set. I would plant my tulips in the fall and have a gorgeous set for Spring. What I didn’t realize is that 200 bulbs won’t get you far when you’re trying to plan out an epic field for photos. Oops.

I planted the bulbs in the fall, and as I was planting began to realize that 200 tulip bulbs would not cover the amount of space needed to pull off a garden with the right size for a photo set. I ended up with a tiny little plot of land. Not gonna lie, this made me feel like crap for a while. I had publicly told my friends about my tulip garden. It was gonna be a THING.

Here’s the thing, tulips are about shin height, and to make any big impact in a photo, especially a photo with humans in it, you need a LOT of them. So, I was a bit hamstrung at the start of this endeavour by massively underestimating the number of bulbs involved.  Months later, I’ve pivoted, and my flower field will now be a field of sunflowers (easier for me to plant and more cost effective for the scale I’m attempting). I am a bit salty with myself that I didn’t plan my tulip utopia properly but I learned from the experience and now I’ll have an expansive sunflower field for August and September photo shoots.

Right now, I’m enjoying the tulips that do pop up. I go out and check them every day, and cut small bouquets to photograph. This has been a delight. I rarely have the opportunity for personal photography projects and I’m pushing myself to create still life portraits of tulips in my dark basement. I’ll 100% be ordering more bulbs from Dawn this fall to slowly slowly build this tiny tulip garden into something more.

Edmonton Tulip Garden

Red and Orange tulips

Tulip Garden

Red and Orange Tulips