You’re reading the interview series and this is my first ever interview with a wedding DJ. What exactly am I doing here? I’ve come up with a way to share the work and experience of local vendors in an easy peasy format. I know wedding vendors are busy folks with a lot of information to share. Here is the first interview with insight from an Edmonton DJ.

Today’s interview is with Danica McCann, the mastermind behind Tea Cup Productions and my favourite DJ in Edmonton. I first met Danica in July 2019 and loved the tunes she played to keep folks out on the dance floor. I go to a LOT of wedding receptions and I can vouch that music can make all the difference in guest experience. Since then, we’ve kept in touch and when I started this series I knew Danica would be on my list 🙂



Meet Your DJ

Danica McCann

Tea Cup Productions


Where Can Readers Find You?

Instagram: @theteacupdj



Number of Years In Business:

DJ’ing (professionally) almost 8 years now!


Barn Wedding Reception

What’s Your Favourite First Dance Song?

My favourite recent first dance song is Beyond by Leon Bridges. Two of my friends chose this for their wedding and I will openly confess that after witnessing hundreds of first dances behind a DJ booth, this one was the first to have me fully choked up. It was so perfect. I’m so glad everyone was watching them and not my blubbering face on stage.


Your favourite decade of music?

Let’s go ‘1985-’95. There are loads of outliers (specifically, the Dead from ’67-’77), but that’s my ultimate. Early RHCP into solo Frusciante, GNR into Snakepit, the Grunge movement, and my childhood obsessions with Meatloaf, Janet Jackson, and Madonna.


What’s the DJ advantage? AKA why should soon to be newly weds hire a DJ?

Having a professional DJ takes so much off your day-of plate. Someone who knows how to work with other vendors and your MC will without a doubt make your day so much smoother. No frantic texts to an indebted cousin saying “start the song!” or people standing around wondering what to do: I got it. Your venue sounds great, I’ve got your schedule and music, I’ve got your speech microphone at the ready, and I am always coordinating with the other show-runners so you don’t have to do anything but enjoy it all.

You’ve got to find a DJ who is comfortable playing at a wedding. Just because someone is a turntable wizard doesn’t mean that they’ll fit in musically with the guest list and the pressure of the big day. I know some absolutely incredible DJs who just don’t do weddings because it’s not their fit. The right ringleader can keep your circus rolling smoothly and keep people entertained all night long. Find a DJ who can read and interact with the crowd from kids to grandparents, and who is willing to defer their personal music preferences to suit your party.


Do you work receptions and ceremonies?

Absolutely. I actually prefer to be there the whole day.


Bride and best friend at wedding reception


What are your thoughts on set playlists?

Hopefully you have been able to consult with your DJ about specific songs that you love and definitely DON’T love, and that sets some great ground work. I’ve had clients provide everything from pages of favourite songs to nothing but a first dance choice! I can’t ever imagine going into a wedding with a preset playlist and sticking right to it. I get it I get it, I’m a music control freak- but parties ebb and flow, and people need to breathe between bangers! A playlist can’t feel how a crowd is responding and think “they’re eating this up, I’ll bet they’d love ________” and lead your guests into something that brings them up even more. A DJ collaborating with a couple before the wedding is important to establish things like genre, special songs, and the party’s vibe. But to then have someone sitting behind a booth who won’t take requests or be inspired by guests, it’s straight up tragic. You might as well have thrown a playlist on shuffle! The “Top 200 Wedding DJ Hits” are not universal, especially in the land of Alberta weddings.


What is one thing you want every couple to know about choosing their DJ?

MEET YOUR DJ. Face-to-face is the best way to feel out if someone “clicks” or if there just isn’t the spark you thought you found while researching. Same with any sort of vendors, you want to make sure that you’re hiring the right team for your event. You’ll know right away!

Edmonton Wedding Reception

Edmonton wedding reception

Wedding Reception


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