Welcome to the interview series! This is my first ever interview with a florist. What exactly am I doing here? I’ve come up with a way to share the work and experience of local vendors in an easy peasy format. I know wedding vendors are busy folks with a lot of information to share. Here is the first interview focusing on wedding day florals.

Today’s interview is with Therese Lopez owner of Therese Lopez Florals. I first met Therese in 2019 when searching for a florist to help design my space at the Wedding Fair. Therese was a dream to work with and expertly met the vision I had. It was also her suggestion to use the florals more than once! The day after the Wedding Fair, I used the florals in a styled shoot. Therese is included in my list of favourite vendors.


Interview with a florist



Meet Your Florist

Therese Lopez Florals


Where Can Readers Find You?

Instagram: @thereselopezflorals



Number of Years In Business:


Interview with a florist


What’s your favourite floral trend of 2020 – 2021?

“Addition of dried florals and greenery with fresh product.”


What does every bride need to know to keep her florals looking great all day/night long?

“If receiving your flowers the night before the wedding it’s best to keep them in a cool dry space like a basement. If they are delivered the morning of the wedding day it’s best to keep them somewhere safe and away from direct sunlight, like a spare room or on the dining table. It can be a very busy and hectic day so making sure they are placed somewhere safe without the chance of getting knocked over would be ideal! To keep bouquets fresh all day from formal pictures to ceremony to reception, I suggest keeping the bouquets in the vases they are delivered in as often as possible.”


Interview with a florist

What’s Your Favourite Flower for Each Season?

“It’s hard to pick a favourite flower!”


What’s One Thing You Want Every Bride to Know About Choosing Their Florist?

“Choose florists depending on style, not necessarily cost. We can all be given the same flowers and still design something completely different. Since everyone has their own personal style of designing, look through their website and social media images and try choosing a florist who’s look and style matches yours, this will be the best guarantee that they will deliver something you would love!”



Model: Nadine Naguib

Photographer: Janelle Dudzic Photography

Hair & Makeup: Sheena Rae Beauty

Florist: Therese Lopez Florals

Gown: Bridal Avenue 

Location One: Foundry Room Fort Saskatchewan 

Location Two: Shadow Box Studios


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