Welcome to the interview series! This is my second ever Interview with a St. Albert stylist. What exactly am I doing here? I’ve come up with a way to share the work and experience of local vendors in an easy peasy format. I know stylists are busy folks with a lot of information to share. Here is the second interview focusing on wedding day hair care.

Today’s interview is with Allana Parks, owner of Elixir Hair Studio in St. Albert Alberta. Allana’s team styled bride Mary (featured) for her backyard summer wedding when she married the love of her life Blaze.

Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Salon/Stylist Name

Allana Parks of Elixir Hair Studio 

Where Can Readers Find You?

@elixirhairstudio @allana_elixirhair

Number of Years in the Hair Care Business?

Salon 4 years, personally 12 years

What’s your favourite wedding day hair trend of 2019 – 2020?

“Low, smooth knots/buns – Different than a typical low messy bun as it’s a very sleek, elegant and romantic look. A new approach to a classic look.”

What does every bride need to know to keep her wedding day hair looking great all day/night long?

“I recommend getting a blowout done the day before the wedding. This way I am able to prep the hair with the proper products, smooth frizz, control cowlicks and growth patterns. Getting a blowout done prior to will cut down time for the big day and ensure the style lasts well into the night!”

What should every bride to know about choosing their hair stylist?

“It’s important to find a stylist that offers the style/vibe you’re looking for. Social media offers visual portfolios for everything now so I would recommend do your shopping around online and see what speaks to you. For example, I have a much more natural, soft, lived in style with a romantic feel.”

What inspires you everyday?

“My team! My team is what inspires me everyday! They are so creative and constantly learning that I find it pushes me to be better in all aspects. Bouncing ideas and concepts off of each other and learning from each other all the time is where I get most inspired.”

Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Bride: Mary Redcliffe

Hair Stylist: Elixir Hair Studio

Photographer: Janelle Dudzic Photography 


Hi, my name is Janelle, I’m an photographer hailing from Edmonton Alberta.I’m all about connection and celebration. Seriously, it’s my focus from our first client meeting till the chicken dance starts. I make an effort to get to know your closest friends and family on your wedding day. Why? First, they’re probably cool people, and second, when they know me as “Janelle” the gal who plays Dungeons and Dragons and has a pet Duck, they’re going to let me into their world. My favourite moment of every wedding is right after the ceremony. This is when your friends and family smother or possibly crush you with either love or cheerful embrace. Bring on all the candid moments.

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