Hey you, yes you! I’m ready to share the first interview in a series of monthly fresh content. As a wedding photographer I have the opportunity to work closely with local (and sometimes far away!) vendors. They’re busy folks with a wealth of knowledge. I’m excited to connect you with their top industry tips!

I hope you enjoy, learn from and adore this first interview with Kathleen Okerman, owner of The Hair Lounge. Kathleen styled bride Amy (featured) for her romantic outdoor wedding this June.

Romantic Edmonton Alberta outdoor wedding

Salon/Stylist Name

Kathleen Okerman of The Hair Lounge

Where Can Readers Find You?

@katleenaadoeshair @the.hairlounge

Number of Years in the Hair Care Business?

9.5 years

What’s your favourite wedding day hair trend of 2019 – 2020?

“Messy textured updos and anything with braids!”

What does every bride need to know to keep her wedding day hair looking great all day/night long?

“Hairspray & bobby-pins are your best friend! If you can, bring a can of hairspray with you & do quick sprays here and there to help maintain your style!”

What should every bride to know about choosing their hair stylist?

“Choose a stylist who will be honest with you. If I don’t think a certain style will work/look good/hold all night, personally I will always tell you. Also, always make sure you are doing a trial run! It’s not always just for the bride, it’s for the stylist as well so we can tell you what works and what doesn’t because every head of hair is so different!”

What inspires you everyday?

“The creativity that comes with the job. No day is ever the same, which always keeps it interesting!”

Romantic Edmonton Alberta Wedding

Edmonton romantic outdoor wedding

June Wedding Bride and Groom Edmonton Alberta

Bride: Amy Sheehan of FarmGirlKnit

Hair Stylist: Kathleen Okerman of The Hair Lounge

Makeup Artist: Amy Robertson

Gown: Bridal Debut 

Photographer: Janelle Dudzic Photography 



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