In Edmonton AB, you need some winter inspired outfits. It’s cold as all heck here. This February we dipped below the -30°C mark three times! Sometimes the weather here can hurt your face. Despite that, I don’t hesitate to get out there with my camera. When do, I meet some incredible people who know how to style for our winter weather. Seriously, they take regular winter fashion and make it look SO GOOD. Here are my three top winter inspired outfits:

Number One: Canadian Winter Woods


I adore the way Amy and Riley’s outfits embrace the outdoors. They are warm, comfortable and look like they are made for building fires in the snow. The next time someone tells you not to wear Carhartts, just show them this. The adorable toques are Amy’s design. She sells them on etsy as FarmGirlKnit.

Warm and comfort are key in the winter, especially if you want to enjoy your photo session. If you’re cold and uncomfortable, it will show through in the photos.

Number Two: Made For Winter

Edmonton Wedding Photographer

This pop of red against the winter snow is perfect. Jesse’s winter jacket and snow pant combo keep her ready for anything. Including an impromptu snowball fight. They really took their love for the outdoors and made it a key part of their session.

Number Three: Winter in the Rockies

Banff Wedding Photographer

Katie and Jeff rock the “matching without matching” look. Best part? They hadn’t planned a photo session when they left Edmonton and headed for Banff National Park. I know Katie through work, and reached out to her and Jeff when I realized they were in the area. They crushed it.


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