I get it, the mountains are majestic, especially covered in snow. Know what else they are? Freaking cold. Yep. Welcome to Alberta Canada in the Rocky Mountains Folks. You’ll want to make sure that BOTH you and your clients are prepared. With the right prep, everyone will be in for a great time. If you’re travelling to the Canadian Rocky Mountains for a winter engagement session or wedding anytime soon, use this checklist to help you prepare!

Disclaimer: travel to these beautiful majestic spots at your own risk! Always obey safety notices from the authorities.

How to Prepare Your Clients

Be honest with your clients about how cold it could be. Stay in touch with them with frequent weather updates for the area you are planning to shoot in. REMEMBER. Safety is key. In the event of avalanche or extreme weather warning, work with your couple to cancel or reschedule the session. No breathtaking photo on a mountain side is worth the risk when safety is involved. Heed local warnings and laws.

What should your clients bring:

  • Their winter clothing – all of it – even if they want to wear a different outfit, ask them to bring all their best winter jackets and snow pants – yes snow pants! – it’s easier to take layers off than to not have them at all
  • Good winter boots – similar to the above point, they can switch their footwear for the shots.
  • Something warm to drink! It will keep them warm in between shots.

What should you bring

  • All your winter clothing – looking cute hurts when it’s cold out
  • Snow pants – so that you can impress your clients by capturing alternate angles and shots without getting your pants wet
  • Blankets – these are not for you – so much as for your clients – they can use blankets to cuddle, look warm and cute.
  • Hand Warmers – bring reusable ones for yourself, and be the true hero by bringing some for your clients. I recommend bringing more than you think you will need, about four or five warmers per person. Check out my favourite hand warmers here.
  • Your vehicle  – yourself and your clients can jump in and out to stay warm. Fill up with enough gas to get you safely in and out of the Rocky Mountains. Keep emergency supplies in your car like a spare battery/booster cables, blankets, a snow shovel, cat litter (for in case you get stuck) and a cell phone charger – in case you need to call for help

If you can’t tell, I’m all about the safety. But it’s also about the experience. Warmth keeps smiles on faces. We like smiles.

Winter travel tips

Hi, my name is Janelle, I’m an photographer hailing from Edmonton Alberta. Life is good if I can spend my time traveling to breathtaking destinations that inspire and make my heart feel lighter. If I can go there with an adventurous couple, that’s the making of an awesome story and touching images. I LOVE to travel and write photography travel tips for other photographers.  I value authenticity and touching moments over a big production.