10 Days, 3500 km, No Regrets

August 1, 2018

This June I rented a car and drove  across Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. I felt so alive. There were beach days, storm days, and days when I didn’t stop driving. Taking this trip made me realize how similar I am to my father. He’s the drive non-stop and visit every single harbour within sight kind of traveler. That’s pretty much what I did, add in a beach or two. I wasn’t 100% alone on this solo trip. I met with Bailey and Matt in Halifax, and they took me on the best city tour I’ve ever had. Thank you Matt for sharing your Haligonian trivia with me. I’ve already put it to good use. Thank you to Rex and Captain Frank at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic for worrying about me and answering my thirty two questions about the Bluenose. Thank you to Blague Et Hale for filling my nights with music. And lastly, thanks to the Impala, that felt like home for 10 days.