I’m moved by every love story I capture, but some stand out more than others. This was one I’d been looking forward to the whole summer.

I’ve been connected to the Okerman family for a long time. I went to school with Justin’s younger brother. A decade later he is still one of my closest friends. I always felt at home with the Okerman family.

Writing this post I went on a little trip down memory lane. I remember an incredible Mary Poppins and Bert costume at the Namao Hall Halloween Party. Jessica and Justin stole the show. Funny what you remember when you think back to 2013! More recently I remember how excited everyone was when word got out that these two were getting married!

The first time I met Jessica’s family was the morning of the wedding. There was a moment that morning when her father and grandparents were gathered in the living room reading, a very “everyday” action on an extraordinary day. With everyone gathered under one roof we were able to capture precious moments between Jessica and her grandparents. That’s not an opportunity that every bride has and I’m thankful for it.

I’ll let the images tell the rest of their story that is only just starting.

Photography: Janelle Dudzic and Tatiana Zagorac

Makeup: Rachel Siffledeen

Hair: Kathleen Paré

Venue: Kinsmen Banquet Centre