On December 10th, Brett and I went on a little mini adventure to Jasper for the weekend. Who did we meet there? Mary and Blaze.

Blaze originally planned this session as a surprise for Mary’s birthday. We both knew that if we were going to go all the way to Jasper for this session that we were going to do it right, even if that meant meeting at 8:00 AM to reach Maligne Lake before sunrise. We left Brett in town and piled into Blaze’s truck.

The trees were snow-capped along the lonely winter road. Before we could reach Maligne Lake we stopped at Medicine Lake, a favourite spot of Blaze and Mary’s from past summer adventures with friends. I’m so glad we stopped here at the incredible vista. We stayed long enough for the sun to come pouring through behind the mountains.

Mary and Blaze made the most of a – 25 degree celsius day, not afraid to have some fun along the way. We stopped along a narrow stretch of road and “did the twist”, feeling like we were the only people in the world, we made a pit stop at the Jasper Park Lodge for some hot cocoa and stopped in town for lunch. Before we could head back to Edmonton Mary and Blaze shared with us one of their favourite camping spots, Snaring River. Of course we stopped for photos.