Awesome engagement photos don’t just happen by accident. It’s all about setting the right environment and conditions for magic.

Here’s a few tips and tricks for rocking that engagement session you’ve set up with your photographer.

1) Embrace Adventure

Things don’t always go as planned, like – 28°C in Jasper National Park the weekend of your fiancée’s birthday. If you’re ready to roll with it and make the most of the pouring rain or chilling temperatures (think about all the opportunity for cuddles!) your photos will be a testament to one heck of a good story down the road.

2) Hair/Makeup

Take this opportunity to do a trial with your hair and makeup artists. You’ll probably do a trial anyways before the big day, make the most of it by arranging to be styled by professionals for your engagement photos. Styled hair and makeup will look fantastic on camera, and it’s fun too!

3) Choose an Activity

I’d rather call an engagement session an activity or date session. This session is all about you two connecting, which is difficult to do if someone is asking you to kiss awkwardly on a park bench. I’d rather go on a favourite date with you two, get to know you as friends, or capture images of you in your home. Think lifestyle session meets adventure.

4) Arrive on Time

Lighting is a HUGE part of the magic that your photographer takes into account when scheduling your session. Make proper considerations for travel time on the date of your session so that you and your photographer can make the most of what sunlight has to offer.

5) Coordinate

We’re not asking for matchy/matchy outfits (although those sessions are fun when they’re super intentional) but think about pairing neutrals with colours, finding something you feel is flattering and you love, and limiting your textures or patterns to one or two items. Don’t forget to accessorize!

Most important of all is for you and your partner to enjoy the day and have fun connecting with each other. Relax, don’t overthink things and be a little bit of a goof ball.