I bought myself a new thing, and it’s something that I wouldn’t normally spend money on. I bought the Photography Planner.

The thought process normally goes:

  • Organizing myself? I use my phone for that.
  • Write it down? I’ll remember.
  • I need to visit Grandma this weekend. I’ll remember that too.

Thing is, it’s almost too much to ask myself to be 100% amazing all the time. Things are going to slip through eventually if I try to rely solely on brain power.

I’ll also admit, I’m someone who is constantly on my phone and I’m addicted to checking email. Lately I’ve make a conscious effort to minimize screen time. Things like making my workout phone free – actually turn the thing off – and leaving it in one place when I get home from work.

Writing things down is good for my soul. The planner comes ready to use for any month that I want to start with – I chose March – which means that I will spend a significant portion of time building it my way. Totally worth it.

I’m excited to decrease my screen time and increase people time.

Bonus: this planner has an actual place where I can keep track of how much water I drink in a day. Self-care for the win.

Thank you for the beautiful creation.